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Discover Hopkins in Southern Belize which is considered the #1 culture centre of Belize. Here, the Garifuna culture is alive and thriving. If that is not enough to convince you to visit, here another key thing about Hopkins. It is an excellent spot if you want to experience the best of both worlds- Jungle and Sea. Experience first-hand what makes Hopkins so unique and a perfect location for your Belize vacation. While you are here make sure to indulge in the top 5 things Hopkins has to offer! You will feel right at home here.hudut making

  1. Experience the Garfiuna Cultural & Culinary Tour 

This is a complete cultural immersion! The owner- Uwahnie is committed to keeping the Garifiuna culture alive and proudly share it with others.The tour is very hands on, from the preparation of the traditional Garifuna lunch (hudut) which  is made from green and ripe plantains boiled  and then  mashed to creamy consistency. The broth is made from freshly grated coconut which is squeezed by hand and to join the pot  is freshly fried fish. YUM!! By the way- it is prepared over an open fire. Yes!  Following lunch, there is a brief the history lesson which leads into a drumming lesson.

drumming session at Lebeha Drumming

  1. Feel the Rhythm- Garifuna Drumming Lesson

Get a drumming lesson from the best in Belize! Take a trip to Lebeha Drumming Center and visit Jabar. He is very patient and attentive teacher. He bring to life the rhythms and techniques of Garifuna drumming which is a real treat. It’s a fun and unique activity to do in Hopkins.

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  1. Beach Day

One of the best parts of being at the beach is the chance to slow down, relax, rejuvenate, and clear the mind. Find a hammock or lounge chair and kick back! Grab a book by your favourite author, listen to some music, enjoy the sound of the waves and the sun’s warmth.  Go for a swim in the sea, play volleyball, play football, try snorkeling… There’s no excuse!Play with your own footprints in the sand and relish in the quiet and peacefulness of Hopkins

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  1. Take a bike ride or rent a golf cart

The best way to experience the warmth of the locals and their genuine hospitality is to get on a bike and explore! A short ride will confirm why it is called the friendliest village in Belize!If you don’t care so much to get sweaty in this tropical temperature then the perfect way to get around in Hopkins will be to rent a Golf Cart. They are pretty fun!To the north of the village you can check out nice cream for ice cream, drift wood for pizzas and some drinks on the beach, logger heads for great burgers. To the south of the village, there is Ella’s Cool Spot, Maxims Restaurant and Innies Restaurant area great spots for traditional Belizean Style lunch. For gift-shops, Garimaya offers a wide variety of gifts, Alex wood carving showcase beautiful hand crafted Belizean souvenirs. Whatever and where ever you choose to explore, be sure to adhere to traffic laws and remember Don’t DRINK and DRIVE.hopkins belize

  1. Enjoy the local restaurants & shop ‘till you drop

All over the village there are so many options for local food. Here’s our top 3 for local taste that will satisfy. Maxims Bar & Grill offers great ceviche and is located right on the beach. Ella’s Cool Spot has the best jerk chicken in town, Innies is where you can find the traditional Garifuna lunch called the Hudut any time of day. For gifts- the main street is lined with lots of local gift shops selling authentic Belizean crafts such as bowls carved out of exotic Belizean hardwoods, coconut and beadwork jewelry, colourful paintings, handmade Garifuna dolls, woven baskets and slate carvings, among many other items.

All photos courtesy of Hopkins Uncut

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