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This tour is seasonal: January – May.

The Sittee River is the gateway to one of nature’s breathtaking phenomena – bioluminescent or “burning wata” as the Belizeans call it. This night tour is seasonal. Conditions have to be just perfect in the Anderson Lagoon and it usually occurs in the driest months like February – April.

Head out on the 5 minute boat ride to Anderson Lagoon on the Sittee River. The night sky is UNBELIEVABLE.  Thick with stars all the way down to the tree line.

Go through a tiny cut to get to the lagoon and you will be surrounded by the giant mangroves and then shoot out into the lagoon.  It’s pitch black, the guide’s flashlight beam cutting across the lagoon is the only light and then he turns it off. The boat picks up speed and the wake glows. A blue light.  As the boat pick up more speed, the tiny algae, which settle in the lagoon during the dry season, get agitated and glow.  It’s absolutely unbelievable.

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Our Tour Pricing

  • 2 PAX: $75.00 USD Per Person
  • 3 PAX or more: $55.00 USD Per Person
  • R/T Transportation to departure site $7.50 USD per person

What to bring?

Camera, Dramamine Towels, Snacks, Insect repellant , and Water

Dress: Short or long pants and comfortable 

What does the tour include?

Professional tour guide

Our tour duration:

Departs: 6:00 pm
Returns: 8:00 pm
Intensity: Easy

This is an excellent small family owned tour company. I booked 6 days worth of tours with them. It was way cheaper than doing all inclusive through a resort.

Brett Probst

Google Review

Photos of our Bioluminescence Tour

Our guide will stop the boat and you just stare into the water. Schools of fish or any marine life swimming through the lagoon create a phosphorescent trail which can look like a glowing cloud in the water. Hundreds of jelly fish pulsating in the water. They feed on the algae – it’s all along their edges and inside them.

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